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Highlights of improvements since we bought the business in August 1, 2000:

Changed and trademarked the registered name to The Cat House Hotel ® and logo face. 

Removed unsanitary carpeting throughout, hired a professional cleaning service and repainted the Hotel several times.

Expanded capacity from 59 to 69, ever larger spaces, a 17% increase to accommodate high season demand.

Automated functions with Kennel Connection reservation and point-of-sale software with database functionality to preserve customer preferences, vet records and cat bios.  Handles customer arrivals/departures and Co Worker clock in/out for payroll accuracy.

Air-conditioned, installed reverse-osmosis water filtration for drinking water purity and in-house laundry facilities.  

Invested in ionizers, ultra-violet air filters, based on NASA technology (engineered in Texas), which eliminate 99% of air-borne allergens, odors, mold, bacteria  and viruses which could be present in the environment.

Installed anti-bacterial flooring used in veterinary clinics and human surgical centers.

Incorporated premier cat litter, ecologically-centered, highly absorbent,   recycled-paper, and virtually dust free. (Oh yes…the most expensive! product in the market for the health of cats guests and Co Workers.)

Installed a security system which includes high resolution, pan-tilt-zoom video cameras with motion detection that notify us via email of motion in the shop when closed and allows us to view the entire facility from our in-home office or via cellphone from anywhere in the world.


Our Feline World View:

Of paramount importance in our service is peace-of-mind for cat parents and the safety and health of all kitties, more than 9,000 in our care since 2000.  All cats are required to arrive flea-free and have current Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations.  Cats are free to roam, climb driftwood logs, explore loft spaces, watch bird videos or aquarium fish, play throughout the well-secured premises and soak in fresh air and sun in the redwood “Catio” during the day. They are then tucked into their locked, individual spaces at night.  Litter boxes are scooped 4 times each day, wet food dispensed twice daily or more as requested.  Kitty spaces are bleach washed and disinfected whenever a cat leaves to prepare for the next kitty arrival.

Our crew consists of a full time Manager, Assistant Manager, and six part time Animal Care Technicians.  All are either degreed or pursuing a science-based degree. Our Co Workers develop individual Daily Care Sheets for each cat, including customized diets, medications and grooming (brush, nail, bathing) per the parent’s preferences.  Scientific method, i.e., “deviation from the normal,” guides their cat observations and analysis with any abnormalities documented on the kitty’s Care Sheet for further observation and action by the next  Lead Co Worker.


Our Partners:

We honor our strong relationships with veterinarians, acute vet care 24/7 hospitals, and feline shelters and sanctuaries in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties. 

We are long time members of the Better Business Bureau (accredited A+ rating) with ZERO complaints in our 20 years of service. We are also members of the International Pet Boarding and Services Association (IPBSA), the professional organization providing boarding standards, training, industry expertise, certifications and legislative resources to pet care service businesses nationwide.

We are an authorized, for-profit agency sanctioned by UCSB for Work-Study students in the science and psycho-social disciplines.


Recent News:

In June 2019, the annual, national Adopt-A-Cat June, the month which heightens birth of kittens, we extended our support for feline shelter and sanctuary partners.  As part of a cat’s adoption paper packet, the family will receive an Adoption Certificate from The Cat House Hotel which guarantees a 10% reduction of her/his initial boarding visit (1 year or younger) and a 15% reduction for the first visit for adult cats older than 1 year (because adult cats are more challenging to place).  Upon her/his initial boarding, we then donate $5 to the shelter or sanctuary which cared for the kitty initially as honorarium to these feline safe havens and congratulations to the new family.  Valid throughout 2020.



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